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What You Need to Know About Shoe Lane Chambers Limited

Updated: Sep 11

We provide fearless and experienced barristers across the United Kingdom.

Welcome to Shoe Lane Chambers Limited's marketing website! Shoe Lane Chambers aims to source a one stop shop legal services by enabling you to access public access barristers we know personally and have worked with previously. We source robust, highly qualified and experienced direct access barristers for your legal service needs. All barristers we source for your legal services are registered with the Bar Standard Board and regulated by the Bar Council.

Our Founder Director, Mr Omar Faruk MBA is a practising barrister of over 25 years experience and call. Mr Faruk has during his many years in practice met and crossed "swords" with many of his learned friends (other barristers). Mr Faruk has built his personal database of his effective learned friends. Shoelane Chambers Limited was born in Mr Faruk's mind when Mr Faruk was unable to provide legal services to clients due to capacity.

The advantage of Shoe Lane Chambers Limited offering is that you don't have to pay any solicitors costs whatsoever. You save money in solicitor fees. Of course that does not mean that public access barristers we source have closed their doors to accepting instructions from solicitors! The public access barristers we source are able and willing to accept instructions from solicitors as well.

The other advantage of Shoe Lane Chambers Limited offering is that we only take 5 to 10 % commission on the fee of public access barristers we source and we obtain cost effective fees for both you and the public access barristers alike. At Shoe Lane Chambers Limited we are committed to you and your public access barrister. We have deliberately kept low overheads to provide a cost effective Shoe Lane Chambers Limited offering to you.

“Access Fearless Barristers through Shoe Lane Chambers Limited.”

If you're looking for a barrister with over 20 years of experience advising and in advocating in court, you can choose one of our barristers.

How does it work?

1. Once you have chosen Shoe Lane Chambers Limited. We will charge an admin fee of £50 and send you a Client Care Letter (agreement between your barrister and you) to book a conference which will cost £250 inclusive of VAT if applicable. The total cost of the conference including the admin fee will be £300 inclusive of VAT if applicable. The conference can take place via telephone, or WhatsApp, or FaceTime or Google Meets will be between you, your barrister and a conference host. The conference will enable you to inform your barrister of your matter and let your barrister review your matter, advise you, give you a roadmap and a quote on your legal costs including your barrister's fees.

2. Upon your agreement and instructions we or your barrister will send a further Client Care Letter (agreement between your barrister and you) for progress of your matter.

3. You will be in close contact with your barrister sourced by Shoe Lane Chambers Limited. We believe in getting good results means that you have effective communication with your barrister via pre-booked conferences as necessary with your barrister.

4. Your barrister will prepare and attend any court hearings as listed. Your barrister will endeavour to fight fearlessly for your case. Your barrister will provide you legal services. Shoe Lane Chambers Limited does not provide legal advice and does not accept any service on behalf of anyone.

5. We will seek your kind feedback on your barrister's performance to enable us to improve our offering to potential clients. Please note all complaints must be directly sent to your own public access barrister.

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