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We try to obtain the best possible result for you.  We sell legal services and fearless advocacy.  Using our service is cost effective for you.  We are barrister led and barrister run.  You save money as you don't need a solicitor so there is no solicitor's fees to pay.  Our goal is your success and we put you first.  You deal directly with your own straight talking barrister.

Areas of Law


Commercial Law

If you need a robust barrister specialising in Commercial Law to help with you Business, 

Partnership and Contractual Disputes,  Intellectual Property, Franchising and Drafting Contracts. Shoe Lane Chambers can provide you requisite representation and advice though a suitable barrister. 


Family Law

If you are facing a petition for Divorce or want to issue a petition, seeking Contact or Residence of your children, or seeking Financial Remedies or want to issue or respond to Specific Issues Order, Occupation and Non-Molestation Orders. Abduction and or International Relocation Shoe Lane Chambers can provide representation and litigation services tailored to your needs though a suitable barrister.


Civil Law

If you need a barrister specialising in Civil Law and you want to make a claim or defend against a person or entity you can trust Shoe Lane Chambers to provide you with a robust, tenacious and effective barrister. 


Private Criminal Law

Whether you are under investigation or facing criminal charges, including Road Traffic matters. It is important to have a fearless barrister in the court fighting your case.  Shoe Lane Chambers can provide you a fearless barrister to advise you and advocate on your behalf.


Common Law

We can provide you with an effective barrister for advice and representation covering all areas of common law. Shoe Lane Chambers can provide you a fearless barrister for boundary disputes, commercial and residential landlord disputes, licences and disputes regarding cremation. 

There Is No Lawyer More Eloquent Than the Heart.

Sylvain Maréchal (1788)

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